The Best Tools For Crypto Portfolio Management


View your entire crypto portfolio and track your performance in real-time with our powerful dashboarding tools.

Link Exchange Accounts

Manage all your exchange accounts in a single place.

Connect Wallets

Automatically track balance changes to hardware and software wallets.

Manage Portfolios

Shrimpy is the only platform that allows you to separate accounts into multiple virtual portfolios.


Optimize your portfolio by automating strategies that have been trusted by institutions for decades to reduce risk and improve performance.

Index the Market

Automatically index the DeFi market, copy the portfolios of top funds like Pantera Capital or Alameda Research, or build your own custom index.

Smart Rebalancing

Every rebalance is precisely executed by using our advanced smart order routing engine.

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Dollar-Cost Averaging

Every time funds are deposited into your account, Shrimpy will automatically inject those funds into your portfolio with the desired allocations.

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Quickly swap assets in and out of your portfolio with ease through our smart trading terminal.

Smart Order Routing

Shrimpy will automatically route your trades through the optimal pairs so you receive the best price when swapping assets.

Historical Data

View historical price data, market cap information, and statistics through a simple asset trading dashboard.

7-Day Price Forecasts

Using machine learning strategies, Shrimpy produces price forecasts for each asset.

More Trading Features

Social Trading

Copy strategies from the world's best traders in a single place or become a leader to build a community of your own.

Follow a Leader

Copy the strategies of top traders by following their portfolios. Each time your leader makes a trade, so will you.

Lead a Community

Grow a community of traders and get paid for every follower. Leaders can charge based on performance, AUM, or flat fees.

Social Chat Lobbies

Discuss trading strategies and market trends with other members of the Shrimpy community.

More Social Trading Features


View the history of changes you have made to your portfolio.

You can view and sort your history by:

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