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Shrimpy's Core Values

Do Insanely Great Things Together

Collaborative thinking allows us to combine the best ideas across our organization to build products that best serve our global user base. Our success is dependent upon everyone’s contribution.

Together, we can do great things.

Let's Try It

To build products that have never existed before, we must take calculated risks that stretch what is possible. We must question the status quo, strive for a fundamental understanding of problems, and implement elegant solutions.

If you have an idea, let’s try it.

Earn Customer Loyalty Daily

Shrimpy will flourish or die by the sword of our customers. To become a brand that people love, we must aggressively pursue a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and how we can solve their problems with Shrimpy.

To do this, we must earn our customers' loyalty every day.

Do it Fast

The market can turn on a dime. When conditions change, we must be willing to adapt. By moving fast and deliberately, we can maintain our position as the most influential digital asset management platform in the crypto market.

Do it well, but do it fast.

Meet the Team

Michael McCarty

CEO & Co-Founder

Victor Bay

Head of Operations

Nishant Nayudu

Head of Infrastructure

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